Editor's Note: A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. Your mom wants a pic of you with your Latin teacher, and your teacher does not want to cooperate. What to do?

How to Get a Picture of You with Your Latin Teacher

Have you ever wanted a photo of you with your Latin teacher??? If so read on and find out how to succeed in this task.


1. Become friendly with the Latin teacher and be sure that he is friendly back.

2. This can be done using the following steps.

3. Say something funny so that the teacher laughs.

4. Talk to him about how you were silly.

5. During class say things to him - not to the rest of the class or your friends.

6. Stay behind after classes and show a love of Latin.

7. Sing a song about latin to him.

8. After he seems to be your friend, keep talking to him.

9. On your last Latin lesson, ask him for a photo because he is your favourite teacher.


* Don't use this technique with strict teachers. Leave them alone.

* If your teacher says no to the photo, say OK and sneakily take one of him while walking out of the room.

* Only sing if you can.

* Make sure you are funny or he will begin to hate you and find you annoying.

* Don't use this with female Latin teachers.


* Strict Latin teachers won't allow this and could get angry.

* Only do this if it is within the law.

* Only put on the Internet if your teacher gave you permission.

Article added: 01 March 2010

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