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How to Get a Cute Man to Love U

Is there a man that catches your eye? Do you want him to like you back but not sure how? Use this article to help you out!


1. First of all, don't make this guy your life. You have to consider if he doesn't like you back no matter what you do. That's okay. It's his loss and he may like you back one day if he doesn't now. Just focus on this guy mostly only when you're around him. Make sure he's worth the trouble and you really do like him.

2. Change your look! Guys like women that dare to wear funky clothes and change up their style. Try going to a local beauty salon and getting a fabulous makeover! Just make sure you like it and it represents you well. Get clothes that are your style from either the mall or thrift stores if you don't have the cash. Believe it or not, thrift stores have cool clothes that you may love!

3. Get in shape! Go to a local gym and work out or exercise from your own home by doing a few sit-ups, push-ups, and try running ten or twenty minutes a day. You will feel great, and get in shape quickly. Also try eating healthier foods like fruits and vegetables.

4. Don't take these tips to the extreme! Don't over-work out, starve yourself, completely change your wardrobe, and not-be-yourself just for a person! Only do it because you want to.


* Just be yourself.

* Don't scare him or come on too strong: just start out as friends.

* Relax and be cool.

* Make sure you really like him and he's not a dummy!


* Don't over exercise or become anorexic.

* Be responsible when with the guy.

Article added: 16 November 2009

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