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How to Get a 6th Grade Boy to Like You

At some point in life we all like boys. If we didn't, then biology would have failed very badly in its purpose and there'd have to be a complete reshaping of the point of life on Earth. So here are some boy tips…


1. Be yourself. It is incredibly unusual in this day and age to achieve this. It does appear that most Western society children are raised to believe that they are, in fact, somebody else. This could be because they watch the same TV shows, look at the same websites, and spend an awful lot of time wanting to look like somebody else. It is unfortunate but we have to make do with what we have. Which is not much. But anyway, the point is this. Apparently, if you have a problem thinking you're someone else, or you think the you that you are is not good enough and you ought to morph into someone else, the point is this - don't. Don't change for a boy. The only morphing he is interested in doing is on Pokemon, Transformers, or whatever those other funny things boys play with that involve a lot of transmogrifying. It may be incredibly tempting to try and imitate this transmogrification tendency so frequently observed in boy's games in an attempt to gain his attention with an "Oi! Look at me! I have transmogrified too! Just like one of your Transformer thingys!" But sadly, this will not work, no matter what you think. No, if he does not like you the way you are better find a different crush. Really, just like that.

2. Be nice. It is an elusive fact that most boys like nice girls. Defining nice, however, is extremely subjective and time-consuming and is best left for a separate article. Talk to him. You may not realize how many things you have in common. More to the point, he may not realize either, nor that he even needs a relationship with a girl in grade 6, in which case, see "Tips".

3. B-be O-on Y-your guard. [Editor note: I rather like that clever pun] Why must you B-O-Y? Because boys can change quickly. One moment, they look like a boy you have known for all your 11-ish years. Next moment, he can be a growling, seething mass of non-knowable boy who doesn't want to date you. That's bad, really bad. Avoid this possibility. If it happens, look nonchalant and start doodling; you don't want him to think that this bothers you any. You are being you after all, and that includes being cool.

4. Be yourself. For some reason, we feel the need to repeat this theme most stringently. You may have missed the point in step one and so we're emphasizing it again for your benefit. Boys like girls who are true. If you like a boy who does not like you for you, don't change to impress him. That is, of course, if he is even noticing the subtleties of your incredible [insert latest teenage makeover starlet] makeover. He could be too preoccupied as you're overhauling yourself to notice the differences of the before and after you. And please don't forget that a lot of this is your state of mind, not something he is likely to be privy to…

5. Get to know him. Generally this is advisable. It is a lot harder to be in love with someone whom you don't know. It has been tried but it is usually doomed, or ends up in a narcissistic foray into total darkness and self-absorption. So, do sit next to him in class and do talk to him. A girl should have great topics of conversation, such as "how are doin'?" and "you're kinda interesting in this light". If you get a chance to talk, take advantage of it - talk. Apparently this cannot be stressed too much in the same instruction. But not too much. You don't want gorgeous Transformer boy to think you're all talk. That would require him to listen and that my dear girl, is something women much wiser than you, can confirm is a big ask.

6. Be friends. Well, we have suggested you don't change, you get to know him, and you talk. Next step is possible friendship, woo hoo! If you get to know him, become friends and go from there! You could go anywhere - Mars, Venus, Pluto (don't forget it's not a planet though). Or you just go down the local milk bar and share a 'shake. Have fun, be yourself, and please, whatever you do, DO NOT FORGET THE DEODORANT. One last piece of advice–always shower.


* Be ready for rejection. Especially if you forgot to be yourself, wear deodorant and smile sweetly. And that you're only in Grade 6.

* While you're waiting for him to notice you, wikiHow has a lot of things for you to do that will improve your spelling, grammar, and writing skills.


* Don't flirt all the time - it might get annoying. It all depends on the context, of course, so advising you that it could be endearing would not be very sensible of us. So we'll suggest it will all end up very badly indeed, in which case, you will be able to empathize with your parents' despair over the state of the current economy.

Article added: 27 March 2009

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B-e O-n Y-our Guard for cute boys!

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