Editor's Note: This was meant as a joke how-to, we are quite sure. And yet this article draws tons of readers who seriously want to know if it is okay to freeze a candy bar. What imagination! It is humorous and heartwarming to see just how extensively the internet is being used.

How to Purchase Candy Bars and then Freeze Them, Save Them for Four Months, and then Finally Eat Them in the Summertime

Eating frozen goods has always been and always will be a summertime favorite of all ages alike. If you like candy bars, and enjoy purchasing an item that you will not consume for several months, but will instead eat at a later date, particularly in the summertime, then try this out.


1. Buy candy bars in the month of February or March. I like Snickers and Butterfinger, but can eat any candy bar whether it be rocky road or non-candy-bar candy-bar like malt balls, or M & M's.

2. Place the candy bars in the freezer. Wait four months.

3. You can try this with Skittles but I think they would turn out extremely hard and difficult to chew. In my opinion the best candy bar for this type of 'frozen candy bar storage eat later' activity is the Snickers.


* Try to avoid buying so many candy bars that you fill the entire freezer and your wife or husband, boyfriend, brother or sister yells at you because they can't fit their frozen yogurt bars in there. In my experience this has been the single most difficult challenge of freezing my candy bars.

* Also it is a good idea not to take the candy bars out of the freezer for a full three or four months. In order to do this 'wikihow' it is important to leave them in the freezer for a full three to four months. If you don't leave them in that long then you haven't really done it and it doesn't count.

* Maybe try with miniature Snickers or Three Musketeers first so that you can test what kind of frozen candy bar you wish to really invest your time and salary in.


* Only do this with adult supervision. Extreme candy bar freezing can be bad for teeth and gums, sometimes leading to gingivitis if the perpetrator doesn't brush and floss on a regular basis.

* All information in this 'wikihow' is "try at your own risk" information and is only intended for entertainment purposes. In fact, no one should try this because I prefer to be the only person in the world who does this.

* I would appreciate no one to buy all the candy bars from the local Safeway or Bi Mart. All company names used in this 'wikihow' are not based on real companies and are actually made up. If you have a problem with this I suggest you shut up and try eating a delicious four month frozen candy bar.

Article added: 16 November 2007

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Don't waste too much
time choosing
the candy,
four months is
a long time!

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