Editor's Note: Nice little instructions for little old you.

How to Flush the Little Toilet

Don't know how to flush the little toilet? Used to using your little potty?
Not to worry here's how you flush the little it.


1. Do your little business

2. After you do your little business, stand up and run your little hand along the little top of the little toilet. Until you find a little button.

3. Push the little button down.

4. You should then hear a little flush and see your little business swirl around in the little toilet.


* If your little business is too big to get flushed down at the little time, wait a couple of little minutes before attempting to do it again.


* Be careful for your little hand not to touch your little business when trying to find the little flush button.

 Things You'll Need

* Little Gloves (If you are new to flushing little toilets)

* Little toilet

* Little business

Article added: 07 August 2009

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