Editor's Note: As long as you know where to find the intergalactic banks, you should have no problem following these instructions.

How to Find the Lost Planet of Vrikadik

Vrikadiki, is planet home to the Markidian species, some of the most intelligent beings in our galaxy. They are so intelligent that the whole galaxy is looking for them. They have been attacked many times and went into hiding on the Vrikadiki planet. Vrikadiki is hidden and we must find it soon to save Earth before the big disaster, which coming to us very soon. Only the Markidian species know how to save us. It is your duty to help look for them and save Earth.


1. Build a high-powered spaceship. It has to be able to travel around our galaxy very fast because we are running out of time.

2. Map out all of the intergalactic gas stations/intergalactic shops in our galaxy. This will be important because the intergalactic gas stations and shops will carry supplies we will run out of during our mission.

3. After we get into our spaceship we will travel the galaxy and find the planet. This will be a tough journey but I believe we can do it.


* There are many bad drivers in space. Try to be calm, because a lot of them are very sensitive.

* Make sure to bring your galactic cellphone. Regular ones won't work in space.


* REMEMBER: Space doesn't have oxygen! Bring your oxygen tanks along. They will run out but the intergalactic stores sell refills.

 Things You'll Need

* Intergalactic money. You can get earth money converted into intergalactic money at the intergalactic banks.

* A high-powered spaceship.

* Lots of courage.

Article Added: 28 September 2009

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