Editor's Note: Lord knows why the author insists that you wait until step 8 to check your wallet! Anyway, good luck to you. We hope you can manage all the change you will find after you read this article.

How to Find a Penny

Need some spare change? Want to use one of the penny crushers at a zoo or museum? Try looking for pennies if you need one!


1. Look inside your couch or sofa.

2. Look under your bed.

3. Look in your closet.

4. Look in all of your pockets.

5. Look under your bed.

6. Look in your car.

7. Look in your table drawers.

8. Look in your wallet to see if you have any left.

9. Look in a parking lot.

10. Look in your backyard.

11. Look in a pool.

12. Look in your backpack.

13. Look in your purse.

14. Look under your couch or sofa.

15. Look under your tables.

16. Look behind your refrigerator.

17. Look in your bathroom drawers.

18. Look in your kitchen drawers.

19. Look in your bathroom drawers.

20. Look under your mattress.

21. Look in your sink drawer.

22. Look in the storage room of your basement.

23. Look in any old boxes of your attic.

24. Look at school.

25. Look at the workplace.

26. Look behind your furniture.

27. Look under any pillows.

28. Look under cushions.

29. Look under any rugs.

30. Look under your doormat.

31. Look everywhere you can think of!


* Look in places that are logical.

* It might be worth it to just ask someone for a penny.

Article added: 06 March 2009

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