Editor's Note: Hey, Pajama Mama! If you look a little rough when you roll out of bed in the morning, not to worry. Don't bother removing your flame-retardant drop-seat pajamas.  Just add the right belt and pocketbook, slather on the glittery lip gloss and you are good to go, girl!  Don't be surprised if the Big Feet Pajama Co. calls you for a photoshoot. You may soon adorn their celebrity page. Just bear in mind, though.....one must never discount the importance of brushing the teeth, as this seems to be the wikiHow cornerstone to looking fabulous.

How to Feel Sexy While Wearing Footed Pajamas

What you wear to bed and what you wear out in public are usually two completely different outfits. However, if you just don't feel like getting dressed in the morning and you wore footed pajamas to bed the night before… go with it! Believe it or not, footed pajamas can be a very sexy ensemble.


1. Don't brush your hair when you get out of bed. This will help you achieve the bed head/sex hair look.

2. Maybe put on a cute belt over your pajamas for a vintage look.

3. Grab a really cute purse or bag to go with your outfit. This will give you a polished look.

4. Put on a sexy, confident face before walking out the door. This will give you an air of style and ultimate sexiness.


* Brush your teeth. Bad breath will totally give your impromptu outfit away.

* Spice up your look with a little shimmery lip gloss.


* Do not put on full makeup. Just apply a little bit of foundation, a stroke of blush, and mascara… you want to look natural.

* Do not try to put on sandals… they don't work when your pajamas have feet.

Article added: 11 August 2008

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Wearing SEXY
footed pajamas
might just get you
something nice
for dessert.

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