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How to Eat Worms

Hi, this will help if you want to be an oddball or if you are stuck in the woods. Otherwise, this will never come into your life, or help you in any way (unless your family stops feeding you).


1. Dig a hole in some wet dirt. This is where worms are normally.

2. Wash off the worms you find. (This article is called How to Eat Worms, not How to Eat Dirt, or How to Eat Worms and Dirt.)

3. You can prepare the worms by themselves, or you can fry them, boil them, scramble them (if that's even possible). I would recommend the first option, because the others might not be possible, and is the easiest. Also, it might get more disgusting, either from the cooking, or from the waiting.

4. Plug your nose, put worm in your mouth, and forget everything! Let your mind just go blank! Imagine eating a chocolate pie, or something like that, if you can keep your mind blank and imagine a chocolate pie.

5. Swallow as fast as you can. This will make it less gross, because it spends less time in your mouth.

6. Smile.

7. Repeat.

8. Follow step number 7 until all the worms are gone. After, say a worm joke, like you just did something that is incredibly funny that happened to someone else.

9. Barf (optional)

10. If this was on your bucket list, cross it off, if not, disregard #10.)


* Eat gummy worms instead.

* Scarf the worms down, down, down!!! This makes for a fast experience.


* Do not do if you are allergic to most bugs, or things in the dirt, or to worms.
* This may be unpleasant.

* You may be classified as weird.

 Things You'll Need

* Wet dirt, or just get worms.

* A pan, or pot if cooking.

* Water if cooking.

* A gas stove if cooking.

Article added: 09 November 2009

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It is surprising how
tasty bugs really are.

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