Editor's Note: You gotta love step number four of this article which spells out how to eat while jogging: "do not eat while jogging".

How to Eat Pizza While Jogging

Have you ever passed a pizzeria or other restaurant while you were jogging or just going somewhere important? Now you can have the pizza (or other food) and jog too.


1. If you have somewhere to go, make sure the pizzeria doesn't have a line. Your wedding is more important than a slice of pizza!

2. Decide what you want to order before you reach the counter. It will save you time.

3. Make sure you have enough money to buy your item(s). You don't want to be putting things back and adding things for fifteen minutes.

4. Get out the money as you approach the counter. Politely state your order (One slice pepperoni and a medium Pepsi). When the order is finished, request it to go.

5. Stop every few seconds to take a bite of pizza or a sip of soda. Do not eat while jogging.

6. When your items are finished, find a garbage can and throw them away. Do not litter!


* Do not eat while jogging! You have a good chance of choking. Take small breaks.

* Eat food before jogging to avoid this whole mess.


* Eating and running at the same time WILL PROBABLY make you choke.

* If you have something important to get to, it is better to skip a meal than miss the event.

 Things You'll Need

* Money

* A pizzeria or restaurant within your jogging path

* Garbage can to throw away your finished food items.

Article added: 25 July 2008

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Eating italian while
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