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How to Eat Food in the Best Way

You want to eat some food but you don't know how. This is the article for you then!


1. Read about different kinds of food and the history of food

2. Read about the food pyramid and study it.

3. Choose what you want to eat. Make it healthy if you are on a diet.

4. Perform jaw exercises to prepare yourself for the food. This means warming up for the food by opening and closing your mouth. Try chewing gum.

5. Don't stress yourself. Many people in history still have not mastered the art of eating.

6. Carefully pick up the food. Picking up the food is the most important step, because you set the idea that you are eating and have made up your mind.

7. Study this piece of food. Know your calories limit.

8. Make sure there is not a fly on your food.

9. Open your mouth very slowly. You don't want to sprain your jaw.

10. Do not stress yourself. Remember that you are one of many people who has taken this important step into eating. The art of eating and consuming food is a very elaborate concept.

11. Take a bite if you need to. Or put some in your mouth.

12. Slowly taste it. You do not want to choke.

13. Appreciate the food.

14. Chew it carefully. Your jaw exercises should help. You will see improvement!

15. Slowly swallow. You don't want to choke!

16. Allow the food to digest.

17. Meditate to relax yourself.

18. Enjoy. Read more about this food and see how you can improve the food
and your eating style next time.

19. Use the bathroom later. You do not want to be constipated.

20. Have fun!


* Always eat with someone around you so you don't choke.

* Eating in groups is more fun.

* Beware of things like salmonella and food poisoning!

* Hire a bodyguard in case your food gets stolen.

* Buy books about food. This enhances the experience.

* Do jaw exercises multiple times a day. Stay in shape!!

* Go on a picnic. Bring lots of food!

* Savor the food!

* Have fun!

* You may want to visit a food museum!

* KNOW THE FIVE SECOND RULE in case you drop the food.


* You do NOT want to choke!

* Bodyguards can cost money.

* You might get fat.

* Be careful in how you hold the food, as you might drop it.

* Don't strain yourself when you use the bathroom. That's why you eat in a good way!

 Things You'll Need

* Food

* A brain

* Books about food

* A local food museum

* Toppings

* Condiments

* Drinks if you're thirsty

* Bathroom

Article added: 12 October 2009

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Not the best way!

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