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How to Eat Cheese with Your Friends

This article shows you how to eat some nice quality cheese with some friends.


1. Buy some cheese at the store, preferably Canadian cheese.

2. Call up some friends and invite them to your house (or dream palace).

3. Get the cheese and and start eating it.

4. While eating the cheese, talk with your friends about stuff that you like

5. Do it every week and soon you will be a good cheese eater.

6. Add some nice crunchy crackers from time to time to complement the taste of the cheese, it adds texture to the cheese. And texture and flavor.


* Make sure your friends aren't allergic to cheese before you invite them over.

* Inviting over your best friends is better than inviting over random ones because best friends are better to hang out with!

* If you can't find American cheese, that's OK! You can also buy other types of cheese too!

* Make sure you have money to buy the cheese.

* And make sure that you aren't busy the day you are eating cheese with your friends.

* Be careful! Make sure the cheese you buy tastes good and is not bad.


* Do not attempt if pregnant or have serious problems with cheese or your friends.

* Do not attempt if you have liver disease or are allergic to cheese.

* Cheese contains milk. Do not attempt to eat cheese if you are lactose intolerant.

Article added: 24 July 2009

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