Editor's Note: You are old enough to read but you can't fathom how to eat a hot dog? No problem. We've gotcha covered.

How to Eat a Hot Dog


1. First, you must go out and buy a car.

2. Smell the car. Smells good…

3. Now, go to the store and find the hot dogs.

4. Look at the hot dogs and purchase the ones you want.

5. Use a coupon to buy the meal.

6. Oh no! You forgot buns! Go get some!

7. Now we are going to leave the store.

8. Drive home.

9. Enter home.

10. Boil hot dogs in your bathroom sink.

11. Good Job!

12. Now, place the hot dog into the bun.

13. Don't forget ketchup!

14. Place bun in mouth.

15. Bite down and chew.

16. Swallow.


18. GOOD WORK!!!

19. Now…crap them out.

20. Shh... bye bye.


* Walk your hot dog twice a day.

Article added: 06 October 2008

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