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How to Drink Coffee

You'd think drinking coffee is simple. But it in fact requires several complex motions to be done in precise order, or else it will result in catastrophe.


* Ground Coffee

* Hot Water


1. Get Coffee. If you do not have coffee, you cannot drink coffee. Any Starbucks will do. Or perhaps the office coffee pot. In any case, make sure you have coffee.

2. Put it in a mug or cup. Perhaps we should have said this earlier.

3. Inspect your surroundings. Make sure you are not in a car going over a bumpy road or playing fullback on a football field.

4. Grip the mug or cup. Make sure that it cannot fall from your grip, as this would burn you.

5. Lift the mug or cup to your lips.

6. Sip.

7. Swallow.

8. Put the mug or cup back down, gently.


* A doughnut is often a good companion to coffee

* For an extra bit of flavor, try adding whiskey to your coffee


* Coffee can be extremely hot.

Article added: 08 February 2010

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Don't expect the
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