Editor's Note: If you love amphibians but can't stand the slime, dressing them up might work a treat.

How to Dress a Frog

Just when you think you're ready to go, you remember that the frog is not yet dressed! What do we do now? You know how long that can take!


1. Washing the slime off, albeit temporarily.

2. Drying the frog, and remember, no deodorant or powder on this fella!

3. Determine what outfit will suit the occasion best, something formal or laid-back?

4. Slide his slithery little legs into his trousers, one at a time!

5. Shoes and socks should not be attempted for the odd gait they invariably produce, but spats or other casual covering may be appropriate.

6. Dry frog again.

7. Give him a sip of water at this point, before attempting the jacket.

8. Take one little arm and gently wiggle it through the sleeve, repeating on other side.

9. Button the jacket, perhaps giving the waist some slack for later activities

10. Need I say it? Tic-tac!

11. If he can move about with ease, you are now! Ready to go!


* Most frogs find this a tedious and time-consuming affair, but when everyone notices how well he is dressed, he will be proud that you took the time to make his entrance a grand one!

* After the affair is over, please do not neglect in assisting your frog with undressing, and hit the dry cleaners as soon as is feasible with his clothing. We want to be ready for the next big event!

 Things You'll Need

* Lukewarm water, a small amount of glycerin, and a few cotton swabs just in case

* Small soft toweling

* Very stretchy leggings, black ones for the formal occasion, or peasant green, for an informal day

Article added: 29 June 2009

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