Editor's Note: We are not sure why the writer tells you to be a ninja so that you can disappear like one. If you are not already a ninja, why would you need to be a disappearing one? It would be easier to just keep being your non-ninja self, right?

How to Disappear Like a Ninja

Hola! Como Estas? Estoy Bien? Igualmente! Tu necesitas ninja skills. Yo teacho a tu.


1. Be a ninja, being a ninja is very useful in disappearing like one.

2. Optional Steps

Option 1. Kill everyone, if you kill everyone, there is no one to disappear from but it will seem like you disappeared.

Option 2. Cover your eyes. If you can't see them, they can't see you.

Option 3. Get a black ninja suit. This is very effective if you're in a dark room or one with black walls. (Color of the suit can be changed based on wall color.)

3. That's pretty much it, have fun disappearing like a ninja. Your friends will be jealous of you and those who don't know you will want to be like you.

*Poof* (I just disappeared like a ninja.)


* Option 1 may not be the best because people tend to get angry when you kill them.

Article Added: 28 March 2011

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Any two year old will
tell you closing your
eyes removes you
from view.

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