Editor's Note: Proceed at your own risk. When you're really excited about an adorable librarian, keeping your voice down might prove impossible.

How to Date a Librarian

So you think she's sexy in those sultry glasses? Impressed by his Dewey Decimal skills? Librarians are a tough bunch to infiltrate because of their world knowledge and intense bookishness. Still, this shouldn't stop you from trying.


1. Get thee to a library!

2. Scope out the scene. Find a librarian that catches your eye.

3. Now it's your turn to do research. What section of the library do they work in? Reference? Fiction? Children? When no one's looking, is his/her face buried in a thick paperback or the latest Scientific American?

4. Find a topic of discussion and learn as much as you humanly can about it. Librarians nurture their desire to learn. They will not be amused by someone who only gleans the things that interest them. Be an expert.

5. Assuming that you have succeeded in finding a common topic of interest and have researched it, approach the librarian and casually segue into what they like. Bring in your own knowledge. Librarians enjoy discussing things with people they find competent. Smile!

6. Ask the librarian for some personal help in the stacks. Get them away from their desk with you. Engage in conversation while you have them close to you. Eye-contact is important here. Be open with your body language and let them talk without you interrupting.

7. Comfortable yet? If so, then the librarian now knows your first name, what you do for a living, and might actually look forward to seeing you when they come to work.

8. Now ask him/her out on a date! Coffee's very cliche, but it's the best first date option. Another is something interesting related to what they enjoy. If they enjoy art history, take them to an opening, music, sports etc.

9. Though librarians are human like all the rest of us, they have chosen to devote their lives to books and information. Don't get befuddled, when they say they would rather stay at home instead of go out. Let them have their alone time.

10. Congratulations if you succeed in dating a librarian. They are great people who do great things for the world. Remember this and don't take them for granted.


* It's very easy to embarrass yourself in front of a librarian as they are usually a self-confident and stoic bunch. Don't be intimidated, relax.

* Don't make cheesy library jokes. Yes, they get it all the time.

* There's a good chance that the librarian likes Scrabble and crosswords.


* Librarians can be impatient and often stubborn and critical.

Article added: 16 March 2009

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