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How to Curl Your Eyelashes

Big, curly, ultra black eyelashes are extremely sexy.


1. Go eat a kiwi. It stimulates eyelash hormone growth. Causing your eyelashes more lush and fruity, and juicy.

2. Take a shower to wash off all extra makeup. Use yogurt to remove any makeup from your eyes.

3. Comb your hair back using a fork and tieing it back with red duck tape. If it is not red then all your luscious hair will fall out of your big head.

4. Now for your eyes, go and get the kiwi skin out from the garbage can. No, seriously, go get it. The trash fumes help stimulate… something?

5. Rub the kiwi skin all of your face. Don't ask, just do. NOW!

6. Take an eyelash curler and hold it on your eyelashes for 30 seconds each.

7. Apply two coats of mascara to your eye and repeat steps 6 and 7 to your other eye.

8. Seriously, stop reading his and go get a life.


* You may lose a good amount of hair

* You may break out

* You may be put in pain from this expense

* You may never want a kiwi again as long as you live

Article added: 26 October 2009

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The shame of the
uncurled eyelash.

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