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How to Make a Living Room Look Cosy

Hi! You might know most of these steps already, but I was bored, and didn't know what to do, and besides, someone might have to write them all down! Anyway, the following steps work for me, and they'll probably work for you to. If anyone else has any ideas, add them to this article!


1. Right, so ya wanna make your nice-but-not-quite-right livin' room look cosy? Here's how:

2. Ask yaself, "Do I find the current colours of ma room cosy?" If not, then you might want to consider re-decorating, if you want it to look major-cosy. Warm colours are ideal, but neutral colours, I find, give a sense of "empty space" and not all that cosy. You might also consider a border.

3. Right. Curtains. You don't nesasarily have to have old fashioned curtains, with grand leafy patterns, or ugly yellow spots, sometimes just plain ones look nice. The length can vary.

4. Furniture. Furniture can have a BIG effect. I would definitely recommend having a little furniture in any room, most particularly the living room. For example, we have a lovely, big, COSY armchair, but, like the curtains, can be plain (but warm coloured). Arm-chairs with high-arms look quite cosy. You might consider a throw-over or drape also. Possibly on the couch!

5. Be yaself! Put plenty of pictures up on the wall, paintings are best, with rolling hills, and birdies, and kittens in flowerpots, and… okay. I digress. Back ta subject. Put up plenty of pictures, I don't think there's such thing as "an overload of pictures"!

6. GET A RIG! NO SORRY, I MEAN A RUG. MY FINGER SLIPPED. DO NOT GET A RIG. GET A RUG. Hahaha, all laugh… not… anyway, a nice furry one looks nice… or a big round one, with lotsa liddle patterns onnit. Not the rig, the rug. The rig should not be frilly at all. You need for the rig to be big and strong to bring you all that furniture you are going to need. I am surprised you never thought of having furniture, but that is what these how-tos are for. Yeah. Tis nice.

7. Get a nice big vase, and put artificial flowers innit.

8. A fireplace ALWAYS looks nice.

9. A little wicker pot/basket with different types of rocks/stones in it looks nice. But I mean liddle, only, like, 6 inches wide.


* Borders look nice round about the middle of the wall.

* Did we mention furniture? Get some. It's a good thing.

Article added: 10 May 2008

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