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How to Cope With Someone Saying You Need to Stop Eating Brownies

Ever wish you could eat all the brownies in the world? How do you deal with someone saying you need to watch what you eat? Follow these steps and learn to deal with the reality of people bringing you down.


1. Know you're beautiful… and so are brownies. Enjoy life and do what makes you happy.

2. It's a natural reaction to be mad at someone who says you need to stop eating. Don't take it personally. Try making them brownies, and see how they feel. It's not an easy addiction to break.

3. It's not your fault they don't like curves. Be proud of that coke bottle frame!

4. If they say things like "I would run away if you gained 50 lbs…" or "You probably should stop eating those brownies and not eat for a week…" just remember you're beautiful! Don't let words bring you down!

5. Criticize them for what they eat. Make fun of them and see how they feel!

6. Don't go for long runs in beautiful 80 degree weather. Instead, bake a nice pan of brownies, add marshmallows and graham crackers on top, then lie outside and enjoy :)

Article added: 02 October 2009

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Brownies. It's a
good thing.

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