Editor's Note: Pet rocks continue to be all the rage at wikiHow. People must be feeding them well, because they seem to last forever, lol.

How to Cook for Your Pet Rock

What do you feed your pet rock? Sand? Dirt? Nothing? Well for those owners who love their pet rocks, this article is about cooking something nice for your little buddy.


For the Omnivorous Rocks

1. Get a minute steak and chop it in small bits. Even a small steak will give a rock lots of meals.

2. Cook one of the pieces. You can marinate it first for extra flavor.

3. Serve with rice or pasta and a little lettuce. You can use the lettuce as a bowl and put everything in it for presentation on a special occasion.

For the Herbivorous rock

1. Make a salad and add some ranch or catalina sauce for a little spice.

2. Prepare a veggie pizza with a very, very small pizza base. Be sure to include salt and pepper so the rock gets its mineral intake.

Breakfast, Lunch and Tea

1. Serve some mini french toast with jam and/or cream. This is always a favorite breakfast among rocks. You can buy mini french toast slices at some supermarkets.

2. Cut some bread into tiny slices and make mini egg and bacon sandwiches.

3. Make a salad or sandwich for a healthy lunch. You can toast the sandwiches.

4. Afternoon and morning tea: little apple chunks and/or sandwiches is fine.


* You can make a pizza that looks like your pet rock. He or she will feel very special if you do.

* For a drink, rocks need a cup of water a day. They may drink juice afterwards. Soft drinks are for special occasions ONLY!


* Don't give your rock too much food, and keep it small so they can digest it.

* Make sure when using the oven you are careful.

* Give your rock plenty of water.

* Make sure you know if your rock is vegetarian, because it will save you and your rock an awkward situation.

Article added: 21 September 2009

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Feed it right, and
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