Editor's Note: So THAT'S why some men wear t-shirts with slogans in poor taste! They are just hiding a little something(s).

How to Conceal Male Nipple Hardness

As a male man in America, it is frowned upon to have big hard nipples. This guide will help you to keep those lil' pokers from coming out and saying hi to everyone.


1. First you need to decide long and hard if you want your nipples to stick out or not. This is a personal choice that should be made by you and you alone.

2. Make a cardboard plate to sew into your thin dress shirts. This will hold your nipples flat so that you look like a normal dude.

3. Cut out small circular sponges and place them on your nipples to soak up any secretions or blood that might come out.

4. Wear dark shirts or joke novelty shirts with funny slogans on them to distract from your man mounds.

5. If all else fails, talk with your doctor to plan out cosmetic nipple reduction surgery.


* A sex change can turn lemons into lemonade in terms of your giant man-nipple situation

* Never let your dad make fun of you and call you derogatory names like "sissy" and "sally-boy." He doesn't know what he's talking about.


*Chafing can become a serious issue. Use baking soda and mineral oil to relieve the irritation.

Article added: 15 June 2009

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