Editor's Note: If your baby is named Emma, these instructions will work a treat.

How to Choose the Name "Emma" for Your Baby

"Emma" was the most popular name for girls in 2008 and 2009, though it was overtaken by "Isabella" in 2010. If you are considering jumping on the bandwagon, but aren't completely sure, then this guide explains step by step how to choose the name "Emma" for your baby.


1. Discover if your child is male or female.

2. If he is male, you can name him Emma, though it may be considered abnormal or too feminine a name. If you feel uncomfortable with it then pick another name.

3. If she is female, name her Emma.

4. Fill out birth certificates accordingly.


* Confirm the name with your partner first.


* Your partner may not like this name.

* You may mess up the paperwork.

* Having a baby is a difficult task. Be sure you're ready for it.

* Consider the history behind the name Emma. For example, the character Emma on the popular TV series ''Glee'' is super annoying. People may implicitly associate your child with this vulgar woman.

 Things You'll Need

* A child

Article added: 14 June 2010

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Using the name
Emma does not
entitle you to beam
death rays at
your child.

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