Editor's Note: Fighting is no joke, but if want to know how to practice safely, this how-to could help, maybe? Anything is worth a shot.

How to Make Body Armor for Sparring Matches

Hey, ever wanted to see who could beat up who in a fight? Or maybe you want to practice sparring with a friend. That sparring gear you can buy online is way too expensive, here's an alternative to the rip off gear.


1. Gather your materials and get ready.

2. Put your fist in the center of pillow #1. Fold the pillow in half, long end to long end. Apply tape, or strap a belt around the pillow and your lower arm, making sure your elbow is free to move. (Alternative - Use boxing Gloves. Do this for both arms if you still got'em.)

3. Take another pillow and wrap it around your ankle and shin, also strapping it or taping it. Do this for both legs.

4. Now for extra safety, take a pillow and wrap it around your midsection. Tape / strap this pillow as well.

5. Now you are ready to kick the S*** out of each other.


1. If you want to substitute a pillow for something less bulky follow these steps.

2. Take your blankets off your bed.

3. Wrap your fists and feet with them.

4. Make sure they are cushioned enough, have your partner okay them before you fight.


* Don't hit for the faceā€¦ too hard

* Tie these pillows TIGHTTTTTT!!!!


* Don't injury yourself or anyone. Don't use this kind of gear in the workplace.

 Things You'll Need

* Pillows

* Belts / Tape

Article added: 12 November 2007

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