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How to Bite Your Toenails

Many people have trouble trimming their toenails. When you try to use the nail clippers, seldom do you take off as much as you would like. For the people who love the taste of chicken, there is a foolproof method of getting professional sculpted toenails every time.


1. First, stretch out your legs and try to loosen up.

2. Second, SLOWLY bend your neck down until you are close to your feet.

3. Third, choose the toenail you will groom and carefully move in for the kill.

4. Last but not least, bite down hard. Make sure to evenly "chew off" the same amount of nail throughout the procedure.


* You should probably clean out the underside of your toenails before attempting this experiment.

* Also, for safety reasons, try wearing glasses or goggles when trimming so a stray toenail piece won't fly into your eye.

Article added: 05 July 2010

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