Editor's Note: Supposedly written by a man and his harem, this is yet another article which was probably meant in all seriousness.

How to Become a Naughty or Bad Girl

Have you been a clean-cut, well-mannered, good girl for too long and now want that spice or mystery; or just another layer for yourself and/or your relationship? Hopefully this will help. Why is a man writing this piece? Why not? Actually, I am only the lead with my wife and two of her girl friends heavily contributing. I didn't find this topic covered anywhere else and by all means, if you have something to add or even want to re-word it all, do so. It only makes the world a better place.


1. So maybe you were raised to be a proper young lady, put restrictions on yourself, or always tried to live to other people’s ideas and standards. Now you want to enhance your life or a relationship that is in a rut and needs a bit of fresh air. Whatever the case, here’s a starter list. Please add back with other items so we can all enjoy.

2. Make a plan and include an end goal. No matter what anyone has ever said, great achievements haven’t been accomplished without some goal in mind and a plan, however loose, to get there. Remember that small goals along the way are key. If you go straight for the big time, chances are you will only fall flat and ruin the desire. My wife didn’t go right into five inch stilettos; she started with 3.5 inch… after she almost broke her ankle, knee and shoulder.

3. Commit. Tell yourself you will and stay with it, especially on the bad days.

4. You’ll love this part… go shopping! Not being stereotypical, but who doesn’t enjoy going out and getting a new set of threads that you know will create a new feeling or enhance older ones? Shopping list is pretty simple and easy for the most part.

5. Panties. Boy shorts, g-strings, thongs, even bikinis will do the trick. The thong/g-string route is not comfortable at first, but becomes better shortly according to my wife and her friends.

6. Bras. Most importantly, get measured to make sure you are about to buy the right size. Go look for shelf bras, push-ups and a corset or bustier. You want to unleash that wild side. These are for special occasions right? Push-ups will certainly bring the girls into light, corsets and bustier will add some sexy playfulness and the shelf bra is going to leave very, VERY, little to the imagination. Yours, hers or his. The first two are easy to fit for. The shelf bra is tricky. The bottom of the breasts are supported and maybe some cleavage or maybe not. The one thing for sure - your nipples are not covered. That is the temptress part!!! Be wary of any shelf that contains boning unless you have implants. Just doesn’t do you any justice nor will it achieve the effect desired visually or mentally.

7. Stockings. You are most likely not going to find the sexy stuff unless you go to a specialty store or shop online. Thigh highs, seamed back, crotchless, fence net, lace, fishnet, the list goes on and on.

8. Shoes. Boots or high heels… or both! You are faced with some simple issues here actually. Mental comfort. You can’t worry what others think, especially strangers. But, you still have to have the mental assurance. If you don’t feel like you are sexy walking in some spiked heels, you won’t be. Look for height, style and comfort in that order. Height is for you and you alone to determine. The style is where is gets complicated. Some things are classic such as black high heels or knee high boots. Buy something abnormal. Thigh high boots and over-the-knee boots are actually gaining acceptance. Don’t rule either out. But don’t go overboard unless you are really sure.

9. All those things you have accepted as being slutty or whorish or that make your preacher blush… that’s what you want on naughty occasions. To some extent anyway. Go ahead and wear that skirt that is two to four inches too short, or that see-through shirt, and get a bit brighter and daring with the make-up and hair. Start the evening or day with intent!

10. There are two types of naughty. Work and Date.

11. Work. This obviously isn’t the place to sport the Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman hooker boots. Probably not where you want to wear the heavy make-up or see-through blouse. What’s a girl to do? Bring your panties, in your purse. That shelf bra would make a perfect wear-under-a-loose-shirt here. Wear those crotchless panties or stockings. That lipstick that requires batteries is an excellent choice to take the bathroom with you on short break. Only you know what is going on in all of these circumstances so it makes it all daring and stimulating. Kind of feels rebellious or may even make for some titillating conversation amongst the ladies.

12. Dates. Yes married people still need to date if you will. You need to go out and treat each other to a nice event. Of course all of the cliché tips come in here. Go take your panties off in the bathroom, put them in his pocket, play footsy with his crotch, blah blah blah. How about really changing it up. Make sure he knows beforehand that you aren’t wearing panties; then, seductively remind him every so often. Nothing says "I am teasing you" like his asking the waiter for a dirty martini and your softly whispering something like your “uncovered nether region is feeling dirty right now.”

13. Now is where the shelf or no-cup bra really comes into play. A thin shirt on top of it allows you to rub against him or poke him at will and drive him CRAZY! Play a game of no touch. Basically, you can touch all you want, but he cannot!

14. When you are getting dressed, if you are wearing a button-up blouse, look at where you normally leave it unbuttoned to. Then open one or two more. It will take a bit to get used to, but only a couple of hours.

15. If you decide to wear those crotchless panties or go without, sit beside him on the inside of the booth or closest to the wall if you are at a table. If your table is out in the open area of the floor just make sure you pull the table cloth over your lap. Hold his hand that is closest to you, then randomly run it up your skirt or high on your pants leg just long enough to ensure he gets the idea and feeling, but not so long that it attracts attention from others. Unless that is your thing.

16. Going for the old take ‘em off in the bathroom trick?! Use the same tip above or really surprise him. Drop your napkin or something really close to your feet and then ask him to pick it up. When he leans over, make sure he gets a good view.

17. Other nice to haves or to-do’s. There is always something that can be used or done to spice it up. If you have the opportunity, then take it. Have the kids planned for a sleep-over at someone’s house? Then meet him at the door in nothing more than a smile and an apron. Try just wearing one of his ties. Check the peep hole before you try this trick for sure. Nothing says welcome like greeting the pizza delivery dude buck naked. (You may get free pizza!) Not sure when the kids are due in… pull him straight from the front door to the bedroom. Mental scars are difficult to heal. Yours or theirs. What about a leather bra, feather boa or something else along those lines.


* Search online for anything you are looking for. Several of the open cup bras, different style panty hose and other lingerie pieces are available at deep discounts at places such as Amazon.com.

* Look for something scary and that's probably what you want. If your stomach turns or you get a bad feeling, then that is too far. Attitude is 95% of sexy and it will show if you aren't comfortable.

* When ordering high heels, get a good measurement to start from. Then add a 1/2 size for 3-4 inch heels, 1 full size for 5-6 inches, 1.5 or 2 sizes for 7 and 8 inch heels. Reality says much past 4 inches will not work to your favor as comfort in any sense will fail you. The really extreme heels are best for the bedroom!

* Don't forget to check out the return policy!!!

* Don't be scared to return something. Most underwear items are prohibited from returns by Fed Laws. Keep that in mind when buying panties or stockings.

* Look over his shoulder, browse the web or pick around to get ideas to begin with if need be. Talk with other women.

* Trips to vacation spots or far away towns where no one knows you are the easiest places try the new styles.


* Keep the local laws in mind.

* If you are talking it over with your girlfriend or another woman, keep it more of a "what do you do" conversation and not a "I'm broke, please help me get fixed" style. It only opens the door for underhanded comments or other thing of that nature, plus it's really between you and your lover!

* Ensure you know the company dress code or informal policies before you strut it up in the workplace.

* Never chance letting a minor see, when you are turning the heat up. Many parents overreact and the entire evening will be spoiled.

* If you can't do it with a smile on the inside, don't do it at all. Hurting yourself just to please someone else is not worth it in the long run. You will grow contempt and frustration towards that person.

Article added: 16 January 2009

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