Editor's Note: If you are sitting at home watching Charmed all the time, and you want to be just like the lady witches on the show, it is important, this author tells us, to NOT sit home and watch TV all day long. Ironically, the people ON Charmed never seemed to watch TV at all, so if you want to be like them, you shouldn't either, lol.

How to Be a Charmed One

Ever want to be Charmed? Know what it feels like to be a Halliwell? Well here it is. Just follow these simple steps and you'll be one of the greatest witches erm… I mean people of all times.


1. Know your strengths and weaknesses. The thing that made the sisters so strong was that they knew their limits. They identified their weak spots and worked on them. You should write a list of all your weaknesses and work each day on making it into a strength. Also know your strengths and exercise them every chance you get. But don't gloat with it.

2. Pick your powers. Write a list of abilities you have. It could be sports, people skills, certain talents, whatever. This will be your daily routine. With every time you perform these talents picture yourself getting stronger. Vanquishing (inner) demons as you go along.

3. Never back down. If your in a sticky situation, and your first instinct is to pull out, DON'T. Go deeper till you can't get any deeper. Usually to solve a problem, you have to get to the root right? Same thing with people. No one on earth (or above) can tell us how to live our lives. Piper said screw the elders and got her wishes. Charmed Ones never run from a fight, nor do they take B.S. from anyone.

4. Help others. Obviously, you have be a protector of good to be charmed. Take some time out of your day to help a friend. Stand up for others and go out of your way and bend backward just to see someone get out of misery's grip.

5. Create a Book Of Shadows. Don't write spells though (but you can if you want), but a guide. Who to trust. What to do when your mad. You can even treat it like a journal. Fill it up with secrets and How-to's of your own. This is 100% creativity.

6. Sacrifice what is needed. Phoebe sacrificed her love for Cole to be with her sisters. Paige sacrificed all of her friends to be a Charmed One. Sacrifices are normal when you're Charmed. When one door closes, another one opens. If you find yourself TRYING to hold on to something, then it's actually holding you back from what you're meant to find.

7. Commit yourself. The most important thing is to Commit. Commit to helping others, commit to getting something out of the way, commit to living life like a Charmed One. It is a JOB.

8. Have Fun. Be your own little Charmed One. The world has prepared for you.


* Be fun, Sarcastic, mysterious, and creative in your own way

* Use any excuse as a family emergency. Such as leaving school for a doctor's appointment (Although let the teachers know). Don't be afraid to leave a situation if you have something important to do. Imagine your going to vanquish a demon, instead to see a doctor, also helps with nerves.

* Your life should be PRETTY busy now. Sitting at home watching TV, isn't what Charmed Ones do. They are forever busy with work and other things. Take on some extra responsibilities but do not over do it. Piper doesn't even overdo it, because she knows her limits.


* Charmed is fiction. Do not drop friendships or important people from your life because you think they might be a warlock.

* Don't look so crazy. Don't say your going to be late because you have demons to vanquish.

Article added: 28 November 2008

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If you can't
Be Charmed,
at least grow a pair.

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