Editor's Note: You've spotted a bondamine of jellyfish and are so taken with one of them you just have to make this marine invertebrate your pet. So you will need a set of silly instructions for how to care for your sweet little scyphozoa… and that includes giving it a bath a few times a year, whether it needs it or not!

How to Bathe a Jellyfish

Read these instructions and you will be a pro at bathing jellyfish. But follow them carefully or it could go horribly wrong!!


1. Put the jellyfish in the bath or sink.

2. Sit down next to it in the bath.

3. Find a trustworthy adult or friend to help you. Then get two long sticks and take the jellyfish out of the bath. Place it on a towel. (Preferably not a paper towel!!)

4. Put on gloves and place soap on your hand.

5. Put the soap onto the jellyfish and rub in gently. Smile at the jellyfish. But do not make it feel scared in any way, as it may sting.

6. Place the jellyfish back in the bath and leave for a few minutes. Then carefully place it back onto the towel.

7. Redress the jellyfish in its clothes.

8. Place it back in its home.


* If I was you, I wouldn't feed the jellyfish for up to a day or so because it may seem like this will happen often and get it over excited.

* Only wash the jellyfish 2-3 times a year or 4-5 if it has a fatal infection.


* Do not do this if the jellyfish has any allergies.

* Do not touch while in water.

 Things You'll Need

* A bath/sink!

* Two long sticks

* Gloves

* Water!

* Jellyfish clothes

Article added 11 July 2008

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Caution: Friendly
jellyfish on the beach.
Don't be surprised if
you end up with a
new pet.

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