Editor's Note: This middle school author may be wise beyond her years; she seems to have mysteriously absorbed that the last thing two married people want to talk about is sex!

How to Avoid Talking About Sex

There's a lot of older people (kids or such) who talk about sex, but if you're in a relationship and your girlfriend or boyfriend, or wife or husband talks about sex just try and avoid it. Here's how.


1. If your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife is talking about sex, just make up an excuse like if she says she wants some, just make up an excuse like "Not tonight I'm tired" or something like that.

2. If you're talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend, whichever, and sex comes in the conversation, just change the whole subject and don't think about it.

3. Sometimes you can make your friend or someone uncomfortable talking about stuff like that, so just keep it out of your mind and think of something else.

4. Or if you are a person who thinks wrong and you're with your girl or your boy, just avoid thinking about something nasty they said, but not thinking like that. Say if they say um "balls" and you think about what a guy has in his pants, don't laugh it's very immature. Or if they say "vibrating" don't think about it…

5. If they say something like that and you can't help but laugh, and she or he doesn't know why you're laughing, and she or he thinks about what they just said and they say something like "oh that's gross" or something, just say something like "What? I just remembered something stupid that happened at work", or "What did I do? I just remembered something stupid, what do you think I was laughing at?", or something stupid like "How am I gross? I just remember something. What are you thinking, nasty!" Just don't make them mad.


* Just avoid thinking about it.

* Try not to mention the word.

* Change the subjects if it comes up.

* Don't be sick minded.


* Try not to offend somebody who talks about it.

* If it's a friend just get away from them so you won't be thinking about that.

Article added: 18 May 2009

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Don't even talk
about it.

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