Editor's Note: Next time you find yourself in an enchanted forest, your friends will stop laughing and will be glad you printed out and pocketed this handy how-to guide.

How to Attract a Unicorn

Unicorns are way cool and everyone wants to see one. Here's how!


1. Find an enchanted forest. Preferably one in Bavaria or that you can only reach by going through a closet. If you can't find one, your living room should do.

2. Sprinkle fairy dust around your forest. Fairies are super clean beings, so you might have a hard time finding this. Check their garbage cans on Tuesdays for old vacuum cleaner bags.

3. Create a positive, unicorn-attracting atmosphere by thinking happy thoughts.

4. Wait. If you did this with a friend and she gets bored and wants to play with dolls, let her go, but keep waiting. If your mom tells you to do something like eat, sleep or clean your room, do it. Unicorns like children who listen to their mothers.


* If you don't see a unicorn after carefully following every step, don't get discouraged. It's not because unicorns don't exist. Well, actually it is.

 See Also: How to Fight a Unicorn.

Article added: 19 May 2008

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