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How to Attract Your Lesbian Lover

Being a lesbian may be hard at times because you never know who is a lesbian as well. It may be easy to tell for some, but very difficult with others. Here is a no-fail plan to score a major hottie.


1. Spot your lover, make sure that they are a lesbian as well, you would never want to embarrass yourself by making your move on a straight person.

2. Make sexy eye contact. This is an instant turn-on for most women.

3. Approach them. This is an easy way to show that you clearly are interested. But make sure that this isn't in front of many people, some early lesbians may be worried about coming out in public in such a way.

4. After talking and getting to know her, ask her out. You can do many different things for your date, going out for dinner and ordering asparagus: it'll really get you in the zone.

5. If things went smoothly, your next move is just to go right ahead and ask her to be your girlfriend. Hopefully by now you know each other well enough to get to this point. If things didn't work out, don't make things awkward with this person, just choose another lesbian, and go back to Step 1!

6. Now you are in love, so your last step is to move to California and get married.


* Good luck with our list. This is not a complete guarantee to land a hottie. Just try your best, and hopefully things will work out.

* Don't wear any deodorant or perfume as these will cover up your natural pheromones!! Your natural smell is good enough for any lover, if they really care about you, this will actually be a turn-on.

* Keep in mind this was written tongue-in-cheek. Real lesbians don't appreciate the stereotyping.


* Do not be too forward with this person. They will find this to be an instant turn-off.

Article added: 03 November 2008

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