Editor's Note: You checked the Yahoo TV Listings and you managed to decipher what's on tonight. Congratulations. You are in for a bonanza of reality TV or maybe a little Mythbusters or Battlestar Galactica. Now all you have to do is figure out how to turn the darn set on. Can you do it? Maybe with a little help from wikiHow……

How to Turn on Your Television

Turning on a TV is pretty easy in most cases, but here are some instructions for people who may become subject to unplanned TV shutdowns. As global warming increases, there will be more bad weather events, resulting in blackouts. This article is for those people who lose electricity while watching TV and who can't remember how to turn it back on, due to a lack of experience with the task. Perhaps they have turned that idiot box on,  only once and that was  years and years ago (when they first bought it). And since then, they have never actually turned boob tube off. If your TV unceremoniously shuts down, through no fault of your own, you are going to need to have practiced the steps in this article. Think of it as doing your part for disaster preparedness in the face of a changing world.


    Basic Do It Yourself Method

1. Find your remote control.

2. Scan the buttons and find the one labeled power. Push.

    Parent Method

1. Find the remote.

2. Locate your child.

3. Hand remote to child.

4. Plead ignorance and ask your child to complete the maneuver of turning on the TV. This works especially well when you are married to a simplicity-challenged spouse who has connected way too many electronic boxes of all shapes, sizes and functions to the TV. In this case, you will never learn how to turn the TV on all by yourself, so you will have to become very proficient at the Parent Method.


1. If at first the procedure doesn't work, don't get frustrated, try checking the batteries in the remote.

2. If the problem still occurs, you may have to resort to using the power button located on the TV. Yes, we regret to inform you that you might even have to get up and walk all the way across the room!

3. The power button on your remote is usually red and may be hiding at the top right hand corner of the remote.


1.  NEVER…ever drop your remote into water…..as this will break it and it will no longer work.

2.  NEVER…..pour water on the power outlet of the TV….even if it IS on fire!…..this will not be good…and you may damage your TV, home, yourself, or the child you tricked into leaving her crucial and scintillating make-a-travel-brochure-about-Trinidad project to come in and  turn on the television for you.

3.  If the batteries in the remote are working, check that you actually have the right remote. The remote will bear the SAME brand name as the TELEVISION…..remember that. This could be a very good clue. IF you use the WRONG remote or press the wrong series of buttons, you may destroy your husband's settings…and that will NOT be good for yourself or your marriage.  Just to be on the safe side, you had better schedule a therapy session right now, before you even think of  messing with that remote.

Article added: 25 August 2008

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